www.Halesowentowncentre.co.uk was created to include everyone. We want every trader to be included on our website. That is why a basic membership will cost you nothing. It’s completely free.

At the same time, www.Halesowentowncentre.co.uk is run by volunteers and does come with some costs. We’d therefore like to encourage businesses of Halesowen to consider a premium membership. It comes with many more benefits and features and costs just £50 per year. By supporting this cause it allows us to develop even more marketing strategies to promote your place of business and Halesowen as a destination.

Below is a list of benefits you receive as a premium member:

Basic Membership Premium Membership
Annual Cost £0 £50
Basic Details
(inc address details and map)
Full Description X
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Entry in ‘Meet the Traders’ X
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For more information or to gain membership email us at , alternatively complete the form below.